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Ascribe to God Worship Series

We are entering the longest season of the Christian Year, the Sundays after Pentecost, or what is also called Ordinary Time. For many, it feels rather ordinary, week after week of the long spring and summer and even into the early fall season. Yet, it could be argued that this season is where our faith gets put to the test, where the church takes the stage and seeks to live out all that has been learned as we show to the world what living in the kingdom looks like. We don’t walk alone, however, which is why the first series of this long season is about the God we proclaim. Here, in the season after Pentecost, we ascribe to God all the glory, all the wonder, all the joy that is within us. To help us in that task, we turn to the songbook of the Hebrew scriptures, the Psalms and we begin with Isaiah’s knee-knocking encounter in the presence of the God we worship.

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